Infrastructure Development

A school is a child’s home away from home. It’s a place where children spend their maximum time away from their parents. Now, imagine a school without benches to sit on, without electricity to power lights, without water to drink or complete absence of toilets. Such a school environment affects a child’s performance and development and increases rate of drop-outs.

To counter these issues, we installed,

  • 8 water purification units in 5 schools.
  • Constructed over 100 toilets in schools.
  • 1700 desk and benches have been provided in over 10 schools
  • Refurbished and upgraded science labs and computer labs in 5 schools
  • 87 e-learning kits have been provided to 36 schools.
  • 9 anganwadis in Shirwal’s load shedding areas have been powered by solar light systems.


Our initiatives have improved the quality of education and we hope more parents are encouraged to enrol their kids in schools and anganwadis.

Photo Gallery

  • Students enjoying their quiet time in the company of books
  • Local student understanding the metric system
  • Kids sitting comfortably on benches provided.
  • Water Purifier installed at one of the schools.