Mobile Healthcare Centres

Mobile Healthcare Van

Even today, rural areas have little or no access to the health care facilities due to limited means of transport. This proves to be a big hurdle especially among women and children who are seeking affordable quality healthcare. To address this problem ACG in association with Kolumbus Health Services runs 3 Mobile Healthcare Centres. The project caters to 12 villages in Shirwal region, 12 villages in Talegaon region and 8 slum areas in Kandivali region. Mobile Healthcare Centre is a facility specially designed on a vehicle providing various medical facilities door to door to people in need. The vehicle is equipped to handle patient examination, dispensation of medicines, consultation with the specialist and super specialist doctors. It is a cost-effective way to deliver primary care and preventive services to underserved population.

Photo Gallery

  • Villagers queue up to receive first level primary health care
  • Doctor checking and addressing a village locals ailment