Women’s Kabaddi

Women’s Kabaddi

In Dahanu, 120 km away from Mumbai, Kabaddi is the sport of choice. Each year a number of male athletes get selected to represent their state teams and play multiple tournaments throughout the year.

The same does not apply for women athletes. Though they are high in numbers, the number of tournaments they participate in is much lower. Lack of funds and society’s perception of a woman’s role are the major reasons for low representation.

To offer women an opportunity to participate in sports and excel, we have partnered with the Dahanu Kabaddi Association and created a structure for women's Kabaddi, where a framework for training and tournament participation is outlined.

Every week one training camp along with food is held for women athlete and they’re also reimbursed for their travel cost. Additionally, during tournaments, their travel, food and accommodation is taken care of jointly by ACG Cares Foundation and Dahanu Kabaddi Association. Each year we aim to increase the number of women athletes that represent Dahanu Kabadddi.

Photo Gallery

  • Athletes being trained on raiding and defensive skills
  • Coach Raju Ambire running a warm- up drill
  • Athletes taking part in a warm-up match
  • Sprint drills ti improve speed and agility